The importance of wearing quality shoes in the workplace

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Shoes are very vital to our dressing, that you rarely see someone walking barefooted these days except for some special reason. The shoes worn in the workplace must be quality. Here are the reasons:

Shoes are the first things people look at

Studies show that the first thing people look at when they approach us is our feet, to see the shoes we put on. As such, the quality of your shoes is part of what determines your first impression. A workplace is a place where dressing well is part of what it means to be efficient and dutiful. You must look at the part of all the qualities you say you possess at the workplace. For instance, if you wear a torn pair of shoes and you were to meet a client, the client would probably be put off and you will not be your best self. This will hinder the flow of work.

Shoes guarantee your safety

A lot of workplaces are not made for walking barefooted open. For instance, imagine how uncomfortable it will be walking on the cord, hard, and tiled floor. But with the right quality of shoes on, you can walk as comfortably and stylishly as you want without fear of slipping or falling. Needless to say, your workplace should be safe for every employee. Not only do shoes guarantee your safety, but the quality of your workplace facilities also matters. If you are looking for good quality shoes, you can read Goodwin Smith reviews and reviews of other stores that sell shoes on to know which companies sell quality shoes and where to find them.

Here are other reasons you should wear quality shoes, either within your workplace or outside.

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Shoes prevent you from having foot problems

Besides the fact that walking barefooted does not seem posh, it has its troubles too. Not wearing shoes or wearing bad-quality ones can cause fungal nail infections, athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails, etc. With time, more complex foot problems can develop. Shoes protect your feet from a lot of things. Low-quality foot support can cause major pain in joints and collapsed arches. If you know you do biot have a threshold for pain, save yourself the trouble and buy good quality shoes.

Good shoes are durable

Except you have plans to be changing your wardrobe monthly, you do not want to buy a shoe you are expecting to last a couple of months only for it to get faulty after wearing for a few days. If you buy good quality shoes, you are investing your money into something that will serve you for a long time. Also, you will not need to buy as many pairs of shoes as possible and you will spend a lesser amount of money on shoes. Just ensure you invest in shoes that fit your style.

Good shoes are repairable and confidence-boosting

If you buy a well-made shoe, you will find that it is easier to repair when any part of it gets spoiled than cheaply made shoes. It makes more financial sense to repair something that can be repaired rather than buy another one. If it is a shoe that is well-loved, you would have built a bond with it and it becomes difficult to part with it. As such, you can give your good shoes to an expert cobbler to pamper them. Additionally, good shoes boost your self-esteem. If you wear something good, you will not look good but also feel good. And when you feel good about yourself, you bubble with so much love and joy. You will be a person people love to be around, and they will notice your confidence and pay you compliments, thereby making you feel more confident. As such, good shoes help position you in a vicious circle of confidence.

Good shoes help to complement the beauty of our outfits

Shoes and clothes go hand in hand, if you are donning a good outfit, you have to get the right pair of shoes to go with it. Shoes are great for completing your appearance and establishing your fashion statement. Usually, the type of shoes you wear determines your interest, so shoes are a statement of who and what we are and who and what we are not.

It is easy to get scammed when buying quality shoes, but here are tips to help you buy good shoes

Try on the shoes

You should buy your shoes in a physical store where you can try them on immediately you buy them. From putting it on, you get to know if it is the right fit for your leg if you are comfortable walking in it, if it looks good on you, etc. If the shoes do not fit you, you can return them on the spot. But if you are buying online, notify the store of s possible return if the shoes do not fit you.

Check the material the shoe is made from

Apart from fitting you,  good shoes are made from high-quality materials. This is why you have to consider the material of any shoes to see if it is a classic before you buy it. For instance. Leather shoes are considered to be of very high quality because they are breathable and comfortable. They are timeless, so you do not have to be afraid of your shoes going out of vogue, etc. Leather shoes are not too expensive as well, as you can easily find a good one at a reasonable price.

Buy your shoes from a reliable store

A lot of fake shoes are in the market such that it is difficult to identify the original from a fake. If you are no shoe expert, you can easily be swindled of your hard earned money. But the best way to avoid this problem is to buy your shoes from a brand that has built its name over the years. A good shoe brand will not want to disappoint their customers and even if they do, they will be willing to make adjustments such as relacing the shoes for you if they are faulty. As such, you are safe when you buy from good brands.